Antoun Issa

"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."
- Anaïs Nin
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Published Work

22 Jun 2011: Assad must turn words into actionABC The Drum

14 Apr 2011: Democracy’s price may be too high in SyriaABC The Drum

04 Apr 2011: Ideals and interests coalesce in LibyaOnline Opinion

29 Mar 2011: Syria: Complexity Behind the ProtestsGlobal Voices

18 Mar 2011: Lebanon: Is Politics a Social Media Taboo?Global Voices

16 Mar 2011: Lebanon: Bloggers Snub Hariri RallyGlobal Voices

04 Mar 2011: Libya: Death Toll Rises to 6,000, US Mulls InterventionGlobal Voices

26 Feb 2011: Egypt: Revolution’s Not Over, Army Attacks ProtestersGlobal Voices

17 Feb 2011: Libya: Gaddafi Cracks Down on Anti-Regime ProtestersGlobal Voices

11 Feb 2011: Bite my Falafel, EddieABC Unleashed

08 Feb 2011: Arab awakeningABC Unleashed

01 Feb 2011: Lebanon: Vocal Support for Egyptian ProtestersGlobal Voices

31 Jan 2011: Palestine leaks to hurt AbbasOnline Opinion

27 Jan 2011: Lebanon: Day of Rage Shocks BloggersGlobal Voices

21 Jan 2011: Lebanon crisis a test for the USABC Unleashed

19 Jan 2011: Lebanon: Déjà vu as country plunges into crisis … againGlobal Voices

19 Jan 2011: Lebanon’s status still a regional conflict fault lineCrikey

13 Jan 2011: Opposition walkout throws Lebanon into a state of fluxCrikey

11 Jan 2011: Lebanon: Bloggers Support Tunisian Protests against “Arab Pinochet”Global Voices

21 Dec 2010: ‘Wikileaks prompts questions on democracy’Online Opinion

13 Dec 2010: ‘Rudd’s misguided brutal realism on China’Online Opinion

06 Dec 2010: ‘Lebanon: Sensational Wikileaks Scandal Sparks Debate’Global Voices

25 Nov 2010: ‘Lebanon: CBC Report on Hariri Assassination Sparks Debate’Global Voices

27 Oct 2010: ‘Israel’s loyalty oath bill’Online Opinion, and also in New Zealand’s Scoop.

18 Sep 2010: ‘Lebanon: Civil War Missing Revisited’Global Voices

19 Mar 2010: Contributed to a project by German-based European NGO, Politik Digital, assessing whether the Internet phenomenon is producing democratic reform in the developing world. My case study: Lebanon. (In German).

2009/2010: For all previous articles on Global Voices Online, please see my author page.

2 Mar 2009: Article in Australian independent online journal, New Matilda, on Australia’s boycott of the UN Durban II Summit on Racism on Israel’s behalf.

14 Jan 2009: Commenting on the Gaza War in New Matilda.

13 Jan 2009: ‘New Lebanon air force no threat to Israel‘ – in Australian online current affairs journal, Online Opinion.

07 Jan 2009: ‘Egyptian complicity exposes deep fear of Iran‘ – Online Opinion.

26 Nov 2008: Interview with AFL Collingwood footballer Harry O’brien for Melbourne’s local gay newspaper, MCV.

19 Nov 2008: ‘Balance is the key in the Middle EastOnline Opinion.

12 Nov 2008: Article on Australia’s proposed internet censorship filter, originally written for MCV and featured on OpenNet Initiative.

27 Sep 2007: ‘Lebanese democracy in a state of farce‘ – for online Australian political journal, Crikey.

Jan-Feb 2007: A series of three articles on Lebanon for website, Antiwar.